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6 Wreaths & VLS300 miscut deal, black

6 Wreaths & VLS300 miscut deal, black

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This package deal includes:
6x Medium 400 pixel wreath
1x VLS 300

This is being sold at a significant price reduction as both have cut errors.  The coro quality is otherwise identical to our regular props.

Issues with the wreaths:
A miscut file caused 6 pixel holes to be cut the larger "through hole" size used in brackets.  Otherwise these are great cuts!  6 custom brackets will be included that fit each wreath with a standard pixel hole - meaning, a bracket is included that can be zip tied to the back, a pixel pushed in like normal, but further, and the prop will work/function as intended.

Issue with the VLS300:
There was a machine error where many of the holes were bored out a little too big/oblong.  This would be a perfect for EVO pixels making them easier to fit.  Normal bullet pixels *could* be used if hot glued in place.


Regular retail price on these are $45/ea for the wreaths ($270) and $45 for the VLS 300 - for a regular retail price of $315.  Being offered as $150 plus shipping.

Photos are of actual props (take note - issues are towards the top) and unedited.

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