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Charlees Props

Garage Sale - Shop clean up!

Garage Sale - Shop clean up!

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All of these props have issues in terms of pre-production or production problems.  This may mean the prop shifted and the outline is a little off, the bit was getting dull so the holes have 'fuzzies', the snowflakes are all prototype cuts. 

The Medium Snowflakes have no flaws aside from we modified the thickness between pixel and edge of prop and rounded some corners off.  The Small Snowflakes have a flawed outer edge.

The mini props - most of them shifted and/or have a missing hole.  Nothing major wrong.

The stars are all fuzzy from a dulling bit, with one having an offset outer edge as it shifted when being cut.

The ghost is, by far, the most flawed of the bunch.  The CNC failed to lift the bit and several holes are 'connected'.  Pixel holes are all still good/round and will work fine.  The outer edge is really rough, but - upon inspection the 2 edges can still fit together and make a usable prop.  We will cut new zip tie brackets to go with.

Our props have undergone a change in our hole sizes.  Our new holes sizes have bumped up in size by about 0.02" - which is enough to make the pixels go from 'difficult' to 'easy' (but still hold well).  All of these props have the smaller hole.


We are simply looking to sell this as an entire lot to clean up space and give someone a great deal.

Lot includes:
1x Medium Snowflake (150 pixel variant)
2x Medium Snowflake (100 pixel variant)
7x Mini Star Bethlehem
3x 20" star (150 pixel variant)
1x Mini Arrow
1x Mini Spinner
1x Mini Cross
1x Ghost

2x double layer mini stars

Regular retail price on these would be $325 plus shipping.  Offered as a 'flawed' kit at $100 plus shipping. 

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