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Garage Sale - Maroon Man - Please Read before ordering

Garage Sale - Maroon Man - Please Read before ordering

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This Maroon Man has the same outline and pixel order - HOWEVER - a mistake was made in the sizing of this prop, which means ALL pixel holes are about 1mm too small.  This also means physically this prop is smaller.

This will make pushing standard 12mm pixels extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible without modification (drilling/boring the holes).

This will work for those pixels that are, sometimes, available from Aliexpress where the sizing is under the standard.  We have personally had hands on smaller/inexpensive "12mm" pixels that require hot glue to hold into standard props - and would work well in this situation.  

Pixels from Wallys, Mattos, Rextin, etc WILL NOT FIT easily.

Purchase this as is.

Standard shipping rate applies.  

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