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SMALL HOLE Triangle of Power

SMALL HOLE Triangle of Power

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This is part of our shop clean up.  A couple weeks back an industry expert told us our holes were too tight/small.  These are 0.02" smaller than our new sizing.  Getting pixels in these can be difficult, but definitely doable as all models we have pushed for display/photo purposes are this size or smaller.  Due to this, these are 25% off original price.  Supplies limited to what's on hand only.  All Xmodels work identical.



If you know, you know.  This retro inspired triangle of power will show others how powerful your show really is, shining the light of your triangle!

This triangle of power utilizes 100 WS2811 12mm pixels and stands around 25".  The final product has rounded/chamfered edges unlike the image for better/safer handling.

We also offer another, much larger, variant of sorts found by clicking here!

The Xmodel includes submodels for simple sequencing.  Video shown is using ONLY 'On' and 'Single Strand' effects with minor adjustments.

 We highly suggest using a set of pixel pliers, or at least a palm held pixel pusher, with our props.

Any painting of props is for display purposes only and not indicative of what is sold.  Pixels shown are not included and are for display purposes only.

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