Detail in the custom props matters

Detail in the custom props matters

One of our longer projects has come to completion - just needs to be delivered.  In fact, the length of project was actually more due to figuring out how to ship/deliver than the actual design... and also waiting for our black coro to show up.

Let's rewind a little.  After years of waiting elsewhere, the customer asked us if we could make an 8ft Orca Whale - well, actually 2 - but originally believed both would be the same design.  The original idea was a single 8ft cut out of black then white over layed on top. 


We came up with some design ideas, suggesting 2 different designs - and the work started.  I didn't want to overlay - everything is designed as an insert.  Additional support brackets were designed to support all of the varying pieces.

Cutting took place - almost 2 full sheets of black and a partial sheet of white was needed - we couldn't be more glad with the results.

Just wanted to share - as we are pretty proud of these 2 whales!  They exhibit the ability to combine black and white coro in a different way, our bracket designs, and that not all props have to be made out of a single piece of coro.

Each whale is 8ft tail to nose!

The white doesn't sit on top - it's designed to fit together, like a puzzle with effectively zero space between pieces!  

There are signifigant brackets along both whales and all pieces.  There's well over 100 zip ties holding them together to increase strength both at the joints and across the brackets.


If you would like to talk about custom props - reach out to us directly or find us on Facebook!

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