Custom Coro Designs

Here at Charlees Props LLC we would love to work with you to make your ideas come to (pixel) life!

Contact us directly by emailing us at with the following information. 

Please include the following information:
1. Description of prop, photo/drawing/explanation
2. Approximate size
3. Approximate quantity of pixels
4. Timeline needed (yes/no)
5. Xmodel needed (yes/no)

Charlees Props will make a determination if the requested prop will be added to our store.  If so, the design fee will be minimal or none at all.  There is no upfront cost unless there is a need for a rush order/design.

If the design is proprietary or won't be added to our store front, a design fee will be discussed based on expected time to complete the CAD work and the Xmodel design time.  Half of the total price (Coro and design price) is required up front.

Our process of creating a custom design and how we keep you in the loop:

1. Discussion of prop information/request and fees.
2. CAD design created for approval.
3. Xmodel created for approval.
4. Prop cut and shipped/ available for pick up.

Pricing is $115 for each custom CAD design and Xmodel. Please contact us for discounts on multiples or if we will consider adding your design idea to our store.

Once design begins, no refunds are available for any up front costs paid.  If an XModel is not required we will move straight from CAD design approval to cutting queue.

Please contact us directly at for inquiries. We look forward to working with you!

A couple of our custom designs that are part of our store, now, include:

Elf Tune To
Singing Tombstones
Peppermint spinners were inspired by another custom request

Here are a couple more examples of custom props not added to our store:

Whale Tail (24-36") plus adding in a bird!  Xlights/WS2811 pixels.


 43", 1200 light count for static/LOR.  Peppermint candy with 12 even sections.

6ft Singing Alligator, with Xmodel utilizing unique singing face method to attain multiple colors while singing!


5ft wide (~7'ish feet tall) Custom "Q" logo with Xmodel