About Us

Welcome!  We are Thom, Kristy, Jack, Guy and Charlee. We love God, our family, love lights and love sharing it with all of you!

Charlees Props is a small business aimed at serving the holiday lighting fanatics. We couldn't choose just one of our kids to name this after, so Charlee it is!

Charlee in the snow

Our personal light show started in Sedro-Woolley, Washington (West Light shows) and since our move to beautiful Lynden, Washington, we now have Charlees Lights! Our light show consists of around 20k pixels.  We have withstood all types of weather - sun, rain, snow, freezing rain, 70+mph wind, and more.  Watch for our blogs on information we have learned over the years.

For the 2021 season we assisted a local drive through show by building the majority of their control boxes and providing almost all sequencing.  We have assisted others with their shows through online support as well.


Our focus on YOUR show

Our coro is 10MM thick, X-Fluted (for increased strength) and it is fire retardant.  We aim to provide the best coro available!

Our commitment to your sequencing is key.  Most props, unless X-lights native models are better (especially stars), include custom Xmodels that have extensively built submodels, states, and/or singing faces.  Our submodels are built with sequencing in mind - where simple effects like single strand or bars with slight tweaks make excellent effects easy to implement.

Our focus on simplified wiring.  All props are wired where 4" spacing pixels require zero splices.  We do our best to ensure that 3" spacing pixels (which once installed is actually closer to a distance of 2.5") work, but sometimes require a stretch.  We test this with 5v Rextin Pixels. 

All of our props are designed in 50 pixel increments.  No need to cut off 1, 3, 15, (etc) pixels off a string - just keep the 50 intact and move on.  Custom designed props may not meet this specification - we will discuss with you when this may be the case.


Our experience with our show, things we have learned along the way, have all influenced helping you succeed in yours.

Contact us today for any questions, concerns, or requests for custom models!