Here at Charlees Props LLC we understand that many different budgets exist.  

I've been where you are - where you are about to order a prop you saw shared online, and then upon checkout you find the price of shipping exceeds the price of the prop.

We've decided to help make this process transparent by having a flat shipping fee.  

$45 is what you pay to ship your props within the Continental US, whether you choose 1 item or 5.  If it turns out that the actual cost of shipping is much under $45, we are more than happy to issue a discount.  For almost all orders the actual cost to ship is more than $45 but you don't pay that!

We've also tried to add many low cost/smaller props - items that you might find useful or perfect for that small spot you haven't figured out what else could go there. 

Consider checking out our tools and more (pixel pushers, lineman pliers, power distribution blocks, PG glands) - as orders with props, these are priced better than competitors (including Amazon!) once you factor in that you're paying shipping on the props!

Our local shipper has notified us that due to the increase in gas costs - shipping rates have increased (drastically) very recently.  We have had to increase our costs slightly to reflect this change.