We have decided an easy way to give back, and serve our customers, is to offer our sequences free to all.  Watch this page for updates and new items being added.

Our sequences are specifically built to use our models to ensure customers who are interested in our models have options. 


Our Christmas props include:
4 Snowflake Arches (version 1)
Infinity Spinner (43", 1,450 pixels)
6 Candy Canes
Large / 600 pixel snowflake
The Fusion (48", 1,600 pixels)
Mandela Flake (36", 900 pixels)
Small Mandela (22", 300 pixels)
Small, Medium (both variants) Snowflakes
Peppermint Swirl (24")
Peppermint Dual Swirl (24")
Stars (multiple variations)
Star of David / With Cross
Tune To Elf
Tilted Singing Tree
Frozen Snowman
Triangle Of Power

Additional items include 2 different sized trees, standard arches, rooflines/window outlines, RBL (really big lights), uprights, high density matrix.

Groups include, but not limited to: All lights, Whole House (no faces), Whole House, All lights (no faces), large snowflakes, all snowflakes, snowflake tower (which is 6 snowflakes stacked on top of one another), all arches, roof arches (which are standard single line arches), snowflake arches, all candy canes, rooflines, uprights, windows, matrixes, and more.

Consider how you want to map these groups and props when importing to your layout.

One method we have found really beneficial - is when mapping items from a purchased sequence that are not in your show, map them to specific items that aren't commonly used (example - we map all floods to a particular prop) - then know that those effects could/should be moved to something more appropriate.  This is an EXCELLENT method of saving effects but using them on varying props!


Our approach to sequencing

This started as a hobby, years ago, for us.  Like many - we looked at cost effective options.  One way to save money was to sequence on our own.  Our show has evolved and we have a mixture (about 50/50) of in-house sequenced vs purchased songs.  In 2020 most of our sequences were uploaded to the Google Drive (and can be found under a couple names, including West Rd or Thomas Miles).  If we are selling any of those sequences - they have since been updated with significant prop changes, are available at a reduced price vs our other sequences, and the simpler/older version ARE still available free on the Google Drive.


Your show should reflect your style.  Many of our songs are tailored to our show because we couldn't find what we were looking for and/or what was available didn't fit our style.  We encourage you to shop around and find the style that best fits your budget.

We look forward to seeing our props and sequences incorporated into your show!


Available Sequences:


Title Download file Video
THX Intro click here
Brenda Lee -
Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
(note: video needs to be downloaded and added to your folder)
click here 
+ this video as well
Hillsong Worship -
So Will I
click here
For King & Country - 
For God Is With Us
click here
Johnny Mathis -
Need A Little Christmas Now
(coming later) (coming later)



Our Halloween props include:
Infinity Spinner (43", 1,450 pixels)
The Fusion (48", 1,600 pixels)
Mandela Flake (36", 900 pixels))
Small Spiders
Spiderweb (30", 300 pixels)
Stars (multiple variations)
Charlees Arches
Tune To Ghost
Triangle Of Power

 Sweet But Psycho (edited)* click here
*the edited MP3 is included.  Anyone downloading this agrees that they already own a copy of this song for their use.  We are simply adding this as a means of editing what you already own for you.