Kulp K32, K8, DIY and YPS Large Enclosure build comparisons

Kulp K32, K8, DIY and YPS Large Enclosure build comparisons

In this video we discuss a few build comparisons:

Kulp K32 with YPS large enclosure, Kulp Mounting Plate, and LRS 600-12 power supplies

Kulp K8 with YPS large enclosure, modifying the standard plate to work, LRS 600-12 power supplies, and differential receivers

Kulp K32 in a DIY large Plano box from a big box store, LRS 350-12 power supplies


A few notes:

If you're considering a YPS metal enclosure - consider the largest option.  Usually you see comments about how tight a box is to work in - so the more space the better.  These are great enclosures - especially in warmer climates - that will make building a more professional box easier!

YPS verified the hinges are actually metal and had not yet heard/seen the issues presented in the video

YPS has verified that others have noticed the issue with the 600-12 PSU's and is working on a fix

The Plano box shown was a random one-off I haven't seen at the stores since - and I would have picked up more if they had them.  That box is perfect for a quick build that will sit on the ground in a colder/wet climate.

Watch the video here to see more:

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