Painting Coro

Painting Coro

The stark white or black not doing it for you during the day?  Those nicely printed props entice you but you've read our other post to know they aren't fire retardant....

What to do?

You can paint them!  Which will probably need maintaining..... but painting!


Supplies needed:
Your Prop (preferrably without pixels)
A green or red scuff/sanding pad
Krylon fusion spray paint
(optional) Acrylic hand paint / paintbrushes


Step 1: Prep the coro

Use the green/red scotch pad to scuff up the entire surface of the prop.  Clean it off.  Some have said they use acetone - we simply wipe it down with a damp paper towel and let dry.

Step 2: Base layer Paint

Using Krylon Fusion spray paint (your color of choice - we use Matte Clamshell) - coat the prop 2-3 times based on instructions on the can.

Step 3: Add final touches

This step can be done in a few ways.  We personally wait for the Krylon to dry and then hand paint with acrylic paints over top.  

Another method we have used in the past - use cardboard to cut out shapes you want (either to spray paint or to cover where you don't want to spray paint) - and then layer new spray paint colors over it.

A third option - and this works REALLY well for snowflakes - have 2 different colors of blue (preferably a light color and dark/royal blue) and start giving light/random sprays of color to the prop - do so holding the can a good 20-24" away from the prop so the paint drops are bigger and less even.  Continue to do this until you get the coverage you want


***A Note On Krylon Fusion*** - sometimes there are issues with this paint.  This isn't an issue with the coro or mis-steps you've taken.  There are numerous posts (particularly from people painting boats) about 'bubbling' after trying to clear coat over - which is why we don't have steps that include a top coat.  Top/clear coat at your own risk.



Paint sticks OK to props - not exceptionally well. 

One issue we have seen is that, at times especially in hotter temperatures, if props are stacked with wiring against paint - the paint can stick/soak to the wiring of the prop above/below it, and then pull paint away.  We've experienced this with props from ALL vendors.  It helps to stack the props with wires to wires and 'faces' to 'faces' of the props.

When peeling happens - pull the peeled piece off.  If you can, scratch up around the edges.  Top over the exposed section with new acrylic paint by hand.


That's it!  I hope this has been helpful!

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