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Wreath, Medium 33.5", 400 Pixels

Wreath, Medium 33.5", 400 Pixels

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This wreath was a custom request perfect to add to the store.  Simple even count of 400 pixels and uses a native Circle model within Xlights.


To build the model in Xlights use the following input:
#Strings - will depend on how many you plan to use (suggest 1 or 2)
Nodes per string - 400 for 1 string, 200 for 2 strings
Center % - 40
Layers - 10
Each layer has 40 pixels
Starting location will depend on where you wish to start the wiring

We also offer a free STL - 3d printable bracket.  This prop would require at least 2, if not 4, of these brackets to be printed and use a 1/4" carriage bolt - which you can then attach the bolts to any frame you desire.  Download that bracket file by clicking here.

Generally this prop is shipped as a single cut, unless order combined with items where shipping is exponentially increased - may be slit and shipped with support brackets.

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