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Charlees Props

Arch Segments - Modular!

Arch Segments - Modular!

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Arch segments, meant to be used as an arch, a full circle, or - who knows?  See the photos for examples.   

Each piece is 50 pixels and 3 rows.

A 'short' arch is 3 pieces, 150 pixels, and about 55" wide.

A full half circle arch is 4 pieces, 200 pixels, and 60" wide.

A full circle is 8 pieces, 400 pixels, and 60" in diameter

A Charlees Arch (wave) is 8 pieces, 400 pixels, and over 160" wide!  When you choose a 'Charlees Wave' at checkout - this tells us to use a different style of support bracket, so make sure you select the appropriate choice at checkout!

Each piece utilizes 50 pixels and 6 zip ties to interconnect.  It is suggested to use a backer of some sort (bent tube, wood, or against a house, etc) for support.  

These are also meant to connect to one another upside down - so the sky is the limit with what you can create -like the Charlees Arch Wave!

The arches use native arch models, the circle uses the native circle model, and the Charlees Arch uses a custom Xmodel, available on our Xmodels page! 

Price for each is $10.  Order a full arch (4 pieces) for $35.  Order a full circle/2 arches/Charlees Arch Wave (8) for $65.

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