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Candy Peppermint Spinner - 24", 100, 200, 250 pixels

Candy Peppermint Spinner - 24", 100, 200, 250 pixels

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A custom request for a peppermint candy prop turned into 3 great options for a few different spinners.  Both versions use 12mm WS2811 pixels.

24" around

100 pixel version is perfect for low pixel, high impact needs!

200 pixel version has more defined "swirls"

250 pixel version actually has a reversed swirl added - which has a significant variation in submodels/usage!  This spinner has submodel effect capabilities that would make it a great addition to Halloween as well!


We highly suggest using a set of pixel pliers, or at least a palm held pixel pusher, with our props.

Any painting of props is for display purposes only and not indicative of what is sold.  Pixels shown are not included and are for display purposes only.  

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