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Charlees Props

Charlees Trim - 48", 1" spaced

Charlees Trim - 48", 1" spaced

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Our unique approach to trim outline is to make the easiest and most consistent trim available.  Each pixel hole is 1" spaced allowing use of any spacing you want!  Each set of zip tie holes are also spaced 1" allowing for any variety of pipes or clips to be used.  Our corner kits keep the 1" spacing exact and include all backing pieces for support.  Our Charlees "Peace Stakes" follow the exact same pattern but in a 12" piece.  Use the Stakes individually as Peace Stakes or add them where you need in your trim.

These are all made of 10mm X-fluted flame retardant coro, options in white or black.

Additional angle sections for rooflines to come soon.


(photos to follow)

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