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Dog Bone - Megabone - Customizable!

Dog Bone - Megabone - Customizable!

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This 'Mega Bone' is a dog-bone shaped prop for those pooch loving show owners!

Megabone variants are offered as a single cut, multiple cuts with zip tie brackets, as a matrix in the center, or as a custom prop.

This prop (all versions) are around 22" tall and 44" wide.

The double layer border utilizes 300 WS2811 12mm pixels.

Adding the matrix adds 300 more WS2811 12mm pixels.

Add a name for a customized prop with a max of 8 characters.  

The Xmodel for the outline and matrix versions include submodels for simple sequencing.  A custom prop will include a custom XModel as well. 

A custom prop would not necessarily fit with our '50 pixel' rule, quantity of pixels will be determined by characters.

These are also offered as a single cut or as 2 cuts with zip tie brackets.

 We highly suggest using a set of pixel pliers, or at least a palm held pixel pusher, with our props.

Video depicted is an example of a custom named prop and Xmodel.  Any painting of props is for display purposes only and not indicative of what is sold.  Pixels shown are not included and are for display purposes only.  



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