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Infinity Spinner, 43", 1,450 pixels

Infinity Spinner, 43", 1,450 pixels

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This amazing prop will mesmerize your viewers and surprise you in it's capabilities!  Submodels for this were designed by Showstopper Sequences and maps easily to other props they have assisted with. 


This spinner is 43" and used 1,450 pixels!  This is split as 2 pieces and shipped with zip tie brackets.  This prop will need a frame, of sorts, to support.  We will be releasing a 3d print file for making mounts and they will be available for sale through VLS as well.  The mount will attach to the prop and allow you to use a carriage bolt to attach to any frame you build/decide to use.

 We have also created some support mounts for this prop.  These are designed a bit different than traditional supports you've seen from other vendors.  These capture a 1/4" x 3 (recommended) carriage bolt from the backside.  So you add your carriage bolt then attach to the prop.  This gives you a 3" bolt you can then drill a hole in whatever mount you want (pvc, emt, square pipe, even wood!) and then use nuts/wingnuts to support the prop to the frame.  There are 4 total mounts, recommended, and requires 2 of each of these.  The STL files can be downloaded here and are used at the discretion of the user.  We support the design but do no 3D printing ourselves and cannot support issues that arise.
Spinner Mount A
Spinner Mount B

If you don't have a 3d Printer - these mounts can be purchased by contacting Mark at Visionary Light Shows!


This prop is highlighted, with special attention given, in our free Sequences as well!

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