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Singing Bulb - Modular!

Singing Bulb - Modular!

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Our take on the classic singing bulb may just surprise you!

There are 2 versions:

Just the bulb itself uses 200 pixels and is just under 32" tall x 16" wide.  The Xmodel includes submodels for both outlines, singing face, states, and multiple eye movement possibilites!

What makes our bulbs different is - they're "powered" up!  You can add a top string line (adds 25 pixels, making a single bulb with a top line 225 pixels) that shows the power/string line that bulbs actually have! 

What makes this even better - is these are designed to nest with one another - so you can have 2, 3, 4 (or more) bulbs all interconnected on the same string!

This is offered in "3" versions:
Bulb Alone
Bulb with strung (multiple pieces and brackets)
Bulb with string (full cut)

There is also a multiple bulb discount!

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