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SMALL HOLE Small Snowflake, 50 pixels

SMALL HOLE Small Snowflake, 50 pixels

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This is part of our shop clean up.  A couple weeks back an industry expert told us our holes were too tight/small.  These are 0.02" smaller than our new sizing.  Getting pixels in these can be difficult, but definitely doable as all models we have pushed for display/photo purposes are this size or smaller.  Due to this, these are 25% off original price.  Supplies limited to what's on hand only.  All Xmodels work identical.


17.5x15.5" snowflake, 50 WS2811 12mm pixels.  We highly suggest using a set of pixel pliers, or at least a palm held pixel pusher, with our props.

Xmodel contains 9 separate submodels for simple sequencing.

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