May 2023 Update

May 2023 Update

Charlees Props has a lot going on that we want you to know about!


We will be announcing, very soon, a partnership in the works with a well known sequencer/vendor!  Watch for their props to be available on our site, with some modifications, and for specials linking the 2 vendors!

Sales for the next few days!

05/24-05/26 only - we will be offering a special on regular priced props!  Buy any prop at regular price and get any 2nd prop (equal or lesser) at 50% off!  Must enter code Flash50 during checkout.

We still have some 'new old stock' from our pixel hole size change-over, you can find those on sale by clicking here!

We also still have our 'defect lot' for sale - which is a huge savings over regular priced props.  They're not perfect, but all still very usable at holding pixels in the right place.  Check it out here.

Christmas Expo, July 2023

We will be at Christmas Expo.  One of our popular props will be painted, pixels pushed, on display - and GIVEN AWAY!  Check out what we are offering in terms of discounts/product pickup by clicking here!

Custom Prop Orders/Requests

We are currently working through custom orders that get requested.  Several have recently gone out, some have been added to our store, one we are working on is 10ft tall and one we are about to work on was requested by a well known pixel vendor!  To find out more about the process for custom props - check out our page by clicking here.

New Name?

Charlees Props may not be the easiest to find, or there could be a mis-spell directing you to the wrong place.  We plan to keep the name - but some of our visible links may change which could be:


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