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6 fuse distribution block

6 fuse distribution block

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This fused distribution block is an exceptional addition to any box needing power injection or power balancing.

Why is this better than your typical power injection board?

These are rated for 100A 12v and have a simple layout.  They are designed for automotive and marine use - so they are more than rugged to be used in boxes for your show even if the weather is able to get in to the box. 

What makes these better than the other boards - is the addition of the negative distribution block.  While running power injection this allows you to make a single connection for power and a single connection for negative to your power supply.  Now you can easily connect your negative wires - and jumper between distribution blocks when using multiple power supplies.

This is exactly what we use in our show for our 5V Megatree.  A single box contains 1 differential receiver for 4 ports, 2 power supplies, and 2 of these distribution blocks.  Power from the PSU's run only to the distrubution blocks - and all power to the pixels plus power injection come from the distribution block.

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