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Charlees Props

Arch Segments - Modular - Sets

Arch Segments - Modular - Sets

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Arch segments, meant to be used as an arch, a full circle, or - who knows?  See the photos for examples.   

Each piece is 50 pixels and 3 rows.

A 'short' arch is 3 pieces, 150 pixels, and about 55" wide.

A full half circle arch is 4 pieces, 200 pixels, and 60" wide.

A full circle is 8 pieces, 400 pixels, and 60" in diameter

A Charlees Arch (wave) is 8 pieces, 400 pixels, and over 160" wide!  When you choose a 'Charlees Wave' at checkout - this tells us to use a different style of support bracket, so make sure you select the appropriate choice at checkout!

Each piece utilizes 50 pixels and 6 zip ties to interconnect.  It is suggested to use a backer of some sort (bent tube, wood, or against a house, etc) for support.  

These are also meant to connect to one another upside down - so the sky is the limit with what you can create -like the Charlees Arch Wave!

The arches use native arch models, the circle uses the native circle model, and the Charlees Arch uses a custom Xmodel, available on our Xmodels page! A full half arch Xmodel can be provided if you need, just ask us.

Order a full arch (4 pieces) for $35.  Order a full circle/2 arches/Charlees Arch Wave (8) for $65.

There is a set of 3d printed mounts available for a full half arch that allows you to use straight EMT from the top to each end- you can purchase them from VLS here if you don't have a 3D printer.  If you do have a 3d printer these are the files you will need:

Similarly, the Wave bracket (which is meant to support at the top "wave" sections and allows for vertical support along with horizontal support, can be found here on the VLS site to have printed, or you can download the file for print:
Wave Bracket

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