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Charlees Props

Castle, 10ftx12ft

Castle, 10ftx12ft

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This castle is a truly large addition, taking a staggering 10ftx12ft, breaking several of our normal design rules.


This prop uses 1,420 pixels.  The wiring does not meet our normal rule of an even 50 because, in part, wiring takes place within each panel for disassembly.  

A support frame will be required for structural support.  For assembly there are 5 main corner panel support brackets, and there are 12 additional smaller support brackets.  For disassembly pixels will need to be removed from the large 5 support brackets.

Xmodel available on our Xmodel download page.  Has many, very useful, submodels for using the outlines, top/bottom, vertical and horizontal lines with simple single strand use!

Flag is additional option, is made of 4 pieces plus support brackets

Additional fees to ship are included in the cost - if you wish to pickup, please contact us before ordering.

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