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Pumpkin Arch - 250 and 300 pixel versions

Pumpkin Arch - 250 and 300 pixel versions

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This pumpkin arch is the perfect Halloween compliment/replacement prop to our star and snowflake arches.  Sized at about the same size (30x60) and using either 250 (v1) or 300 (v2 with top arch), exactly as our other arches!

This is based on our small 50 pixel pumpkin (5) and the V2 has a 50 pixel top arch line.

NOTE: V2 top arch, the reach from pixel 250 to 251 is too long for standard 4" spaced pixels.  If you use 50 pixel strings then you will not have to splice/extend as the extension always have extra length.  If using 100 pixel strings you will need to splice and extend, unfortunately.  V1 does not have this requirement.

These are shipped as 2 pieces with zip tie support brackets.

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