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Snowflake Arch, 250-300 pixels, 30x60", V1 and V2 Multiple Cuts Only

Snowflake Arch, 250-300 pixels, 30x60", V1 and V2 Multiple Cuts Only

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Our unique arch consists of 5 small snowflakes packed into a single arch shape.

This prop is unique in that it's 5 separate props (snowflakes) with the snowflake submodels for each, plus the additional combined ability to sequence this as an arch.  The effects on this prop are amazing and mapping sequences makes it easy to have 5 snowflakes per arch.

This prop uses 250 WS2811 12mm pixels and stands about 30" tall, 60" wide.  We highly suggest using a set of pixel pliers, or at least a palm held pixel pusher, with our props.

Xmodel to include subodels for each snowflake and the arch as a whole - for a lot of sequencing options!


V1 is the original 5 snowflake arch!

V2 is the 300 pixel version that has an additional single arch line stretching over the 5 snowflakes!  This add an additional 50 pixels and increases the overall rigidity of the prop.  This is only sold as multiple pieces for shipping.

NOTE on V2 - the top arch needs to be set up as a separate native model *or* will require a short extension as the distance from pixel 250 to the arch is 4" - just over what standard 4" wiring will allow.  See note on photo and arrow depicting distance.


Note: if you are looking for a V1 single cut - click here

Click here to learn about the reinforcement plates.  These aren't necessary but can be used to help strengthen a few points.

Any painting of props is for display purposes only and not indicative of what is sold.  Pixels shown are not included and are for display purposes only.  

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