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Tune To Clock!

Tune To Clock!

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This tune to clock is like no other, and quite retro!  Modeled similar like an old digital clock or score board, this tune to can double as a count down clock or as your tune to!  States and submodels allow for a multitude of uses!

Find a 30 second countdown sequence by clicking here.

For using a state effect for your frequency, in Xlights, create a timing track - then in the timing track add the following:
the first digits (87, 95, 107, etc) followed by a comma, then the last digit.  Example, 105.3 would look like "105,3" in the timing.  Assign a state effect, select the timing track, and select the "frequency" state.  That's it!  If there's a need to change, simply change the numbers in the timing track!

This prop uses 200 pixels and measures about 27"x16" tall.  Made out of our high quality, flame retardant, X-fluted 10mm coro!

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