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Visionary 300 - V2 - VLS Certified Prop

Visionary 300 - V2 - VLS Certified Prop

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Check out this prop that packs a punch without a ton of pixels.  This prop measures in at just under 36" and requires only 300 WS2811 Pixels.  This prop is one created by, and can be found in, Visionary Light Show's Sequences.  Charlees Props has taken this to modify it to conform with our standard pixel hole size, improved the design to include zip tie holes for the 3D printed mounts, and is cut from our premium fire retardent X-fluted 10mm coro.

Here is a description from VLS themselves:

This mid-density prop has the feel of a high density prop.  It packs a punch on the eyes but not your wallet.  Plus it weighs less than half of other high density props of this size, making mounting it much easier.


300 nodes; 36" diameter; 10mm white coro,

This is available for purchase in Australia from Ink Creations by clicking here.

3D printed mounts, requiring 3/4" EMT, can be purchased separately by clicking here.

Any painting of props is for display purposes only and not indicative of what is sold.  Pixels shown are not included and are for display purposes only.  

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